The Trinity Roselle Foundation Announces Fundraising Goals

Trinity Roselle pic
Trinity Roselle

A longtime health care professional, Judith Abraham previously served as the interim director of obstetrics at Thermopolis Hospital in Thermopolis, Wyoming. Since moving to Illinois from Wyoming, Judith Abraham has devoted herself to the local community. Among other nonprofit and community groups, she is an active member of the Trinity Lutheran Church in Roselle.

Led by senior pastor Chuck Mueller, Jr., Trinity Roselle offers services on Saturday and Monday evenings and three times on Sundays. The church also operates a number of community services, including a Christian school, a daycare, and various youth ministry initiatives. To help fund the church’s activities, Trinity Roselle partly relies on donations from community members to the Trinity Roselle Foundation.

A registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the Trinity Roselle Foundation supports the special ministries of the Trinity Lutheran Church. Over the past three years, the foundation has distributed over $100,000 to a range of initiatives, including scholarships and support for members of the military.

The Foundation has announced an ambitious fundraising program that aims by the year 2025 to raise at least $10 million, which will help generate an annual operating budget of more than $500,000.