The Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership at Lewis University


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Lewis University

A registered nurse by profession, Judith Abraham has held clinical leadership positions in both Wyoming and Illinois, including at Wyoming’s Hot Springs County Memorial Hospital. Judith Abraham recently received a graduate degree in organizational leadership from Lewis University, where she enhanced her ability to lead care teams.

At Lewis University, the master of arts program in organizational leadership empowers professionals to increase their marketability and effectiveness in the workplace. Program educators teach students how to build teams, develop others’ professional skills, and make group decisions based on values. Students emerge with an in-depth understanding of leadership as a psychosocial concept and explore ways in which leadership has been used as a catalyst for organizational change.

Students in the program learn the ethical aspects of leadership and incorporate these concepts into their practice. They come to understand how leadership affects the culture of an organization, and in doing so, they become better able to create diverse teams with engaged employees. Meanwhile, students hone decision-making skills and apply critical thought processes to the development of organizational practices.

Those who enter the program have their choice of five concentrations. Those interested in management may choose nonprofit or organizational management. Others choose to focus on training and development, student services in higher education, or organizational and leadership coaching.